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Autism Anna

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Social Skills

***NEW*NEW*NEW*** Independent of Autism is now offering One on One Assistance for Social Skills!!

Oh where to begin?!  We are all set up and ready to roll!!!! ****NEW SOCIAL GROUPS FORMING!!!****

We have three different  groups this upcoming season. Saturdays we begin with ages 7-11 boys followed by 7-11 girls then we end with the teen group.  All three groups have a maximum number of participants due to size restrictions at our places of residence this season.  A suggestion is if you are interested, let Anna know ASAP.  The fees will are as follows:  Ages 7-11 is $20  each week (1.5 hours) while the teen group is $25 for two hours.  If you pay in for the total number of weeks offered each session, you will receive a discount.  The fees are for my time and effort, supplies, materials, and a small snack/drink for each participant.  Email Anna for more informatiom[email protected]

** A few example activities the 7-11 aged social group does - painting, watercolors, making calming bottles, outside activities, bike day, science experiments, & so much more!
** Outings the 12+ social skills group will be going on or have already been - Trampoline Park, Roller Skating, local eateries, swimming, Baltimore Humane Society, & more.  The group works together with Anna to establish places they would like to visit on Saturday afternoons.

Donations to my nonprofit, Independent of Autism, are always welcome and tax deductible since
we are a 501(c)3.



Adult named C. from Mrs. Curtis' first social group -

"I learned what to do in a conversation. I like it better when everybody is participating. I had a lot of fun."

Parent of young adult -

"Anna's social group has been amazing. Over the last four years, we have seen our daughter develop many amazing relationships with kids and teens seeking to be accepted, connected, and engaged, just like she was.  Through the social group, she has learned about how we each have our own challenges and way of communicating.  She has developed many personal and interpersonal skills in the caring and structured group which Anna have lovingly and patiently lead.  Anna's passion for helping the kids in her social group has been clear since the first day our daughter joined and in every time she meets up with the group since.  What an amazing opportunity for our daughter when she needed it most.  All skills and memories which will last a lifetime.  Thank you Anna!"

Parent of child -

"Joseph loves attending the 6-11 age social group.  He has made some new friends and enjoys the various fun activities.  He likes to share with us who he talked to and what he did when he gets home.  It is a place where he feels he can be himself, without judgment.  As a parent of an only child on the autism spectrum, I am happy he has found a comfortable environment where he can play and interact with his peers."

Parent of young adult -

"My daughter has been going to the social group for 4 years.  It's been great for her and she has made many friends.  It makes me happy that she gets together with friends on weekends just like any teenager.  She looks forward to it.  They aren't just working on social skills but life skills as well.  Anna always comes up with new and fun ideas. She is really great with the kids!" 

Young adult named R -

"I got a lot out of social group.  I got to explore places in 2 different counties.  There were places I really enjoyed in the social group...I enjoyed going to the trampoline park which was really fun and I got to bounce around on the trampoline.  I also liked the Humane Society and saw different kinds of animals.  I also enjoyed the grocery store outings. I also enjoyed Bob Evans and Denny's. I also like the time we went bowling. 

I also made a lot of friends like C, S, R, H, V, M, and J.  In conclusion, you can make new friends in Anna's social group and it can be different every time."

Parent of child -

"IOA has opened my daughter up to be more comfortable in social situations."

In the future, Anna and IOA would like to offer social skills training and social groups to the Baltimore-Metro area for ages four and over.  Anna is currently working on this - to learn more about these developments visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/autismanna

For more information contact Autism Anna at [email protected] or call her at 410-207-2094